National Center for Education Statistics 508 Compliance

  • Agency:
    U.S. Department of Education
  • Office:
    National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
  • Solution:
    Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires that all government documents be accessible to the greatest number of people, including those with disabilities such as blindness, color blindness, or limited motor skills. The National Center for Education Statistics chose Synergy to ensure that their documents were fully compliant with the latest standards and requirements of this act.

Synergy's Approach

Since 2010, Synergy has prepared 508 compliance and quality assurance reviews for the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) for the release of hundreds of NCES information dissemination products such as statistical analyses, issue briefs, working papers, handbooks, directories, brochures, technical reports, newsletters, and conference reports. Our support encompasses multiple NCES programs and divisions including Elementary/Secondary and Library Studies Division; the National Assessment of Adult Literacy program; and the Early Childhood, International, and Crosscutting Studies Division.