Synergy Highlights

Synergy Communication Team Earns Three AVA Digital Awards

Synergy’s creative approach to communication has been honored with three awards—two Gold and one Honorable Mention—in an international competition that recognizes professional excellence in digital communication. The AVA Digital Awards judges evaluated more than 2,000 entries and honored 16% with Gold Awards and 7% with Honorable Mention for achievements in the creative use of digital arts and technology to convey information to a variety of audiences.

Synergy won two AVA Digital Gold Awards for entries in the Educational Institution category and Honorable Mention for the Internal Medical category.

Educational Institution (Gold Award)

Highlights of U.S. Program for International Student Assessment 2012 Results Video

This U.S. Department of Education (ED) product combined digital video animation and audio to provide a snapshot of results from the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). PISA measures applied skills in reading, mathematics, and science of 15-year-olds from participating international educational systems. The 2012 video provided a brief, informative, and timely global assessment of these skills and used the YouTube platform to heighten awareness of U.S. student rankings in comparison with their peers. See the video at NCES Program for International Student Assessment 2012 Animated Video

Educational Institution (Gold Award)

Condition of Education Statistics Animated School Crime and Safety Video

Synergy communication specialists worked with ED’s National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Education Sciences, to deliver a captivating presentation of school crime statistics and security measures. Colorful, clever, and eye-catching visuals were blended together with engaging music and animated text to present an update on trends and incidence of issues related to crime and safety in our nation’s schools. See the video at NCES School Crime and Safety Statistics Animated Video

Medical Internal (Honorable Mention)

National Institute on Drug Abuse Brain Reward Video

Synergy’s video project for the National Institute on Drug Abuse—Brain Reward: Understanding How the Brain Responds to Natural Rewards and Drugs of Abuse—provides a creative realistic 3-D perspective of the human brain and the structures and processes involved in the brain’s normal reward pathway. The video uses creative animation and plain language narration to describe the reward system and shows how cocaine and methamphetamine hijack the processes and lead to addiction. See the video at NIDA Brain Reward Animated Video