Synergy Highlights

Synergy, NIDDK Collaborate to Launch New Web Site for the Scientific Community

The new National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) Web site—launched December 16—is the result of productive and creative 2-year collaboration with Synergy Enterprises, Inc. (SEI). To create the new site, our IT developers and programmers helped NIDDK develop requirements and build an efficient workflow system to allow NIDDK and SEI content management staff to efficiently organize and update content within the Institute’s new SharePoint structure.

Our writers and editors helped manage the migration and reorganization of content from more than 2,000 separate URLs into the new content management system, and worked with subject matter experts at SEI and NIDDK to produce crisp, clear content that describes the Institute’s organization, research goals and activities, and funding and collaboration opportunities. SEI Web designers overhauled the look and feel of the institute’s old Web site and created an attractive, inviting, and efficient information-sharing environment for stakeholders and the scientific community. Our usability experts conducted extensive planning and testing to ensure that the new site provides an intuitive navigational structure and productive user experience. Following the launch of the new Web site, SEI will provide management support to ensure it remains current, interactive, and user-friendly. Visit the live Web site at