Part-Time/Full-time Contact Center Team Leader

The incumbent supervises and provides support to information specialists in daily activities in their respective components, monitors contact center activity and provide shift supervision, assists with the development of work plans, and meets with managers to review work performed. This position is Full-time with an option for Part-time. 

Monitors contact center activity and supervise staff during scheduled shifts. Supervising duties may include weekend and overnight shifts. 
Adjusts phone coverage during solo shift supervision according to current shift needs, requesting supervisor approval as needed.
Completes shift reports and escalates contact center issues accordingly to manager, supervisors, IT department, HR department or any other supportive department.
Tracks performance score cards, quality monitoring and attendance reports, and provides training and coaching to contact center staff to ensure high quality services.
 Supervises inquiry response staff that responds to requests for health information received via telephone.
Handles e-mail inquiry response inbox or other assigned contact center tasks.
Directs research of responses to complex inquiries by searching internet resources and accessing in-house subject files, and databases.
Reinforces current contact center inquiry processes and provides guidance to staff member working under their supervision.
Assists in preparing weekly, monthly, and annual reports and the annual update of the Policies and Procedures Manual.
Facilitates weekly management meetings as needed.
Assists project manager with additional tasks as needed.
Possesses visual acuity, that is, the ability to discern detail and color variations on a computer screen. Possesses the manual dexterity to input, validate, and retrieve data via a computer keyboard.
 Performs other duties as assigned. 


Bachelor’s degree in a science or health related discipline or at least two years of experience in health information centers.
Prior experience working in the field of health information centers is preferred as familiarity with health information terminology and educational skills are a plus.
Strong written and verbal communication skills.
Excellent customer care services skills.
Effective conflict resolution and problem-solving skills. 
Administrative and supervisory job experience are a plus.
Possess the ability to work at several tasks and assignment ,and meet deadlines with positive and accurate results.
Proficiency in using Microsoft office software, internet research and/or government databases and online resources.
Ability and willingness to work independently and as part of a team to successfully work toward the same goal, project or results.
Posses leadership and mentoring skills.
Experience or knowledge of contact center systems, environment, technology or tools are a plus.
Team Leaders are responsible for maintaining internal communications to keep the project director, deputy project director, manager and supervisors up to date on project activities, deliverables, challenges, and potential innovations. Team leaders provide input for the development of project reports and identify staff training and development needs.