Strategic Communications

Synergy produces award-winning communications products that bring our clients' visions to life on paper and on screen. Products include 2-D and 3-D animations, videos, and Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that take into account branding considerations and technical specifications. Our print packages meet all Government Printing Office (GPO) requirements. Every web page and document is tested to ensure compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.


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Synergy's staff of graphic designers ensures that communications products convey messages in a visually engaging and culturally sensitive format. Our graphic designers use a variety of state-of-the-art illustration tools to add clarity and style to a range of products, including reports, exhibits, campaign materials, books, conference materials, posters, and other promotional products. SAMHSA Road to Recovery Case

Synergy's information technology, communications, and doctoral-level instructional design experts use industry best practices to build state-of-the-art tools to teach skills and concepts in a variety of subject areas. Our blended approach integrates subject matter expertise with innovative technology and effective instructional design. We start with learner analysis, needs analysis, objective and assessment development, and media selection. Our subject matter experts and plain language writers help develop storyboards for each instructional step. We use multiplatform and multiscreen design techniques to develop engaging, customized information architecture plans for self-paced and timed courses. Our experts also ensure that download times are manageable, and that the privacy and security of module users are protected at all times. Our instructional developers work hand-in-hand with our internal user experience experts to provide the best possible look for each e-learning project we deliver. Y4Y Case

Synergy employs full-time Section 508 compliance staff members to ensure universal access to information housed on our clients’ government websites. Our web developers and designers, as well as graphic designers and publications specialists, continually evaluate the latest technical developments and trends in accessibility. These efforts ensure that we provide our clients with the best and most cost-effective methods for fully compliant static and dynamic web pages.

Our 508 specialists conduct quality assurance reviews using up-to-date versions of “gold standard” tools, including Job Access with Speech (JAWS) and Adobe Professional 508 compliance diagnostic software. We evaluate a full range of hardware compatibility considerations, such as usability testing with a keyboard and mouse. Additionally, we can provide clients with formal training or simple tips and guidance to help simplify 508 compliance testing and assurance. NCES Case


Synergy provides integrated marketing and communications services that help our clients design, enhance, and promote national outreach campaigns. We lay the foundation for each campaign by developing a strategic communications and marketing plan (SCMP). These "blueprints" specify the steps necessary to reach audiences and change targeted attitudes and behaviors. We use a mixed methodology to gather information about the target audience, including interviews and environmental scans. The campaign's branding is then customized to appeal to key audiences. In addition, Synergy's communications strategies effectively mobilize partners and stakeholders to expand the reach of the campaign and enhance the impact of messaging. We have the capability to design, test, and evaluate products and conduct market analysis and testing upon request. SAMHSA Case

Whether it is a congressionally mandated report, white paper, or educational video, our writers, editors, and graphic designers are equipped with the skills and expertise to create visually appealing multimedia products. Synergy's researchers, writers, and editors bring a range of subject matter expertise to client projects; they have supported more than 20 federal agencies and have published in 200 journals, books, and magazines. They routinely draft and polish information tailored to a variety of audiences, whether creating a meeting summary or writing about complex technical and scientific subjects.

Synergy reviews all publications for grammar, style, consistency, and substance using agency-specific guides and industry-standard style manuals. We perform meticulous and accurate quality control reviews throughout the development process and prior to delivery of products to our clients. NIDA-SAMHSA Case